Our products - Objective. Direct. Exactly.

The focus of our work is the candidate experience / employer branding. What exactly does that mean for us?

  • Quick feedback
  • Value and appreciation
  • Fairness and transperancy
  • Accurate measurements and highest scientific standards

We secure the delivery of these values through modern, computer-based procedures, which are always up to date and fully scientific. The first products are already TÜV-certified and are thus a pioneer in Germany. In addition, the procedures are easily accessible from home and at the same time resistant to faking because of the application of modern test theory. In just 30 minutes, the procedures can record and evaluate a wide range of job-related personality facets or competency sub-domains online – this is currently the most comprehensive measurement of personality and competencies in occupational assessment. The evaluation is also automated in the form of a report and guarantees an appreciative assessment feedback for the testee as well as informative feedback for you.

Our reports