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Hiring the right sales team is crucial to your enterprise. Our scientifically proven methods help you identify the right talent objectivly and fair!

Identify top performing salespeople, fast, objective and reliable.

Since their inception, CVs only tell us about where someoneones once was, but nothing about the competency of the person. With direct references often not available, sometimes all that remains is a mixture of gut-feeling and guesswork.

Hire talent the scientific way. Our digital tests offer TÜV-certified, tamper-proof, internationally deployable securities. We eliminate social desirability from your application process. Through modern, scientifically developed processes, we identify potential reliable and fair!

Psychometric Sales Assessment with The Great-8-Tachometer (G8T)

Our report reviews the general sales tasks and reports them back in the form of self-assessed skills and also takes into account individual requirements depending on the career level (entry, mid and high level). While low-level sales tasks primarily require skills in direct customer contact, senior sales positions demand a higher degree of strategic skills. With the sales report, employees are supported in their own development and companies are offered the possibility of binding the most powerful sellers through the use of professional development tools.

sales entry

The Report sales entry determines general skills related to sales tasks for people at entry level.

sales mid

The Report sales mid determines general skills related to sales tasks for people with medium sales experience.

sales high

The sales high report identifies general competencies in connection with sales tasks for persons at executive level.

In addition to a detailed competency analysis, the individual characteristics are compared to each other while possible opportunities and risks of the combinations are weighted. Depending on experience and responsibility, different requirements are placed on the competencies of the sales person.
Repeated measurements also allow checks for success.

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All our tests are computer-based and in the form of a questionnaire to work within about 30 minutes. As the profile is being completed you will be noticied over e-mail.

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The evaluation also takes place automatically in the form of a report and guarantees an appreciative response to the subject as well as an informative feedback for you.

We measure occupational competencies

Occupational competencies are the result of a complex interplay of knowledge, skills, abilities, personality, interests and other aspects. To capture these many aspects, numerous tests are often used to assess each of these components separately. This is very cost- and time-consuming. For the first time, the G8T offers the possibility to assess occupational competencies directly – comfortably on the computer within only 30 minutes.

The G8T is based on the generic competence framework model of the Great Eight (Kurz & Bartram, 2002; Bartram, 2005). In comprehensive studies, these eight broad competencies proved to be the basis for existing competency models in a wide range of companies and industries. In the G8T, the Great Eight were expanded in content and divided hierarchically into 39 competence areas in order to reflect the heterogeneity of the requirements of different positions. Due to this fine-grained differentiation, the G8T can be adapted to a wide variety of job profiles. For this, simply create individual requirement profiles within a few minutes with our board game, online or as part of a consulting service.

Leadership and Decisions is a competency that includes the way a person leads individuals or a team, their demeanor and how it affects others. Additionally, this competency includes a persons’ claim to take on leadership tasks.
Creation and Conceptualization is a competency that is associated with openness to new knowledge and experiences and includes the way a person makes decisions and assesses others. This competency also includes dealing with values, success and failure.
Support and Cooperation is a competency that includes the interaction of a person with employees, colleagues and customers. It also includes a persons’ willingness to support, motivate and cooperate with others. This competency finally includes a focus on products vs a focus on customers and analyzes approaches to discussions.
Organization and Execution is a competency that includes organizational knowledge as well as the planning, organization and evaluation of one’s own work. This competency also includes the planning, organization and evaluation of collaborative work with others, such as employees, colleagues or potential cooperation partners.
Interaction and Presentation is a competency that includes the way a person communicates as well as his or her empathy and handling of others’ feelings.
Adaptability and Coping is a competency that includes the way a person works in stressful and rapidly changing situations as well as their planning skills with regard to time-efficient work and their own career.
Analysis and Interpretation is a competency that includes a persons’ handling of critical and ambiguous situations. It also includes the handling of changes as well as problem-solving and the way a person processes information. This competency finally includes the way a person makes decisions under time pressure, their preference for process implementation, and their work-life balance.
Entrepreneurship and Performance is a competency that includes a person’s market experience, negotiating skills, their personal claim for quality and innovation, enthusiasm and strategic competencies.

digital psychology

In just 30 minutes, the procedures can record and evaluate a wide range of job-related personality facets or competence areas online – this is currently the most comprehensive measurement of personality and competences in occupational aptitude diagnostics!

international & mobile

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Modern and future-oriented: all our processes can be carried out digitally on phones, tablets or computers.
The procedures are easily accessible from home and ensure the incorruptibility by modern test theory.

exact & comparable

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With different and detailed reports for you and your clients, you get exactly the information you need for your assesment process! The evaluation takes place automatically in the form of a report and guarantees an appreciative feedback for the clients as well as an informative feedback for you.