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2-Day License Training – Your HR Empowerment Training

You want to recruit more sustainable and contain fluctuation? You want to keep and develop employees? You are looking for more structure? Comparability? Objectivity? Fairness? You want to be able to distinguish really good procedures from non-valid ones? You want to be more competent as an HR expert? Or just want to work with the science-based “state of the art” procedures of our time? In this case we invite you to our two-day license training on March 20 & 21, 2019 in Berlin. During the training you will have the opportunity get to know and fall in love with our competence procedures – the G8T (Great-8-Tachometer). Two exciting days await you with insights into psychological diagnostics, test development and the use of the G8T in personnel selection and personnel development.   Who is the training for? The training is aimed at HR professionals from companies of all sizes, consultants from the fields of recruiting and personnel development as well as interested graduates who would like to convince with their initiative and improve their CV’s. Previous knowledge is not required.   What can you expect? During the training you will learn everything about the development and versatile use of the G8T. You will learn how to create requirement and target profiles and give feedback. The reports can be used as a basis for personnel selection decisions, development measures and coaching. But we will not stop at this point and equip you for your further HR career. You will learn to recognise qualitative procedures and to identify easily less valid ones. You will also learn how to sell your high-quality services even more efficiently and how to justify the use of diagnostics to your superiors. We empower your HR expertise and respond to your individual challenges.   ✓  Training materials ✓  Radar Control (G8T Interview Guide) ✓  Lunch and refreshments ✓  Setting up your personal control centre ✓  Final examination ✓ Personalized certificate   Which set is right for you? The training fees start at 1,600 € plus VAT. Depending on the size of your company and the area of application, we will put together a set that is tailored to your needs and promise you maximum benefit at the best price. We also encourage individuals as well as students and graduate to approach us if they are interested. Together we will find a financial solution that pays off for you.   Who are we? The ROC Institute was founded as a spin-off of Humboldt-Innovation from a project aimed to improve and standardize selection processes. Meantime, our portfolio comprises several scientific procedures with a wide range of applications. We always put the focus on: – value & appreciation – scientific nature – digitization & „state of the art“   The Training is led by two competent trainers who promise not only specialist expertise but also fun in learning and lively discussions.   Felix Stegmann Expert in Sales & Strategy at THE ROC With over 8 years of experience in sales and strategy as well as…

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The HR department on the couch – So tell me: What brings you to the psychologist?

It’s actually an exciting time to work in Human Resources. Administrative tasks, such as vacation planning and payroll accounting, can be handled easily, cost- and time-saving with the help of a software solution. HR is increasingly becoming the company’s most important strategic player. The human factor is more important than ever for companies, stakeholders, research and the media. The economy is growing, new positions and new incentives, away from company cars towards flexible working time models, sabbaticals and social impact are being created. Actually! The current reality for many HR departments is that many vacancies are waiting for highly qualified candidates. Regardless of whether the company receives many or few applications, the problem is usually the same: the quality of the applicants and the evaluation of the quality. If the company receives only a few applications, it takes what it receives or delays the recruitment process further, which can entail risks such as poor work processes, dissatisfied employees and customers as well as high fluctuation, a bad company reputation and high costs. If the company receives many applicants, they must be sufficiently examined. This also costs time and money. However, this is where the most common mistakes and far-reaching consequences occur. Often the internal and external applicants are measured according to subjective or less valid criteria. Thus, the focus lies purely on the examination of the curriculum vitae or other hard skills or criteria such as beneficial relationships and “the right chemistry” decide on the future cooperation. Studies and the practice itself have shown that such a practice has little promise of success or is insufficient. Instead, there is a need for modern, scientifically developed processes that are not only fair (and thus increase the candidate experience), but also reliably identify potential. Once such a high-potential candidate has been identified and assigned to the right position, he or she must be constantly developed further and the person-job-fit and the performance have to be monitored. This is the responsibility of managers who, often due to a lack of time and focus, reduce personnel development to a semi-annual performance review with little after-effect. Here, too, a tool is needed that reduces time, delivers knowledge, is transparent and adaptable and facilitates the job of the personnel and the manager. In the age of big data and digitization processes, it is therefore no longer possible to ignore the progress and the standardization of, for example, application and development processes in human resources. Many providers have already established themselves on the market and the selection for the consumer is difficult. For this reason it is helpful to know some quality criteria. The development of the procedure should be comprehensible and demandable. The test manual also provides information on the underlying model/theory. In general, caution applies especially to older models and theories. Or would you like to undergo a dental surgery with the devices and methods of the early 20th century? In addition, the psychometric quality criteria objectivity, reliability and validity provide information on whether the…